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Home to Chilli and Chocolate
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Home to Chilli and Chocolate

Legends and stories won't be enough to truly live the Mexico life, where everything is possible and no preconceptions will ever live to reality, jungles, volcanoes with snow capped on the top, stunning beaches and laid back towns, that's the real Mexico, lagoons filled with wildlife and dangerous, warm Caribbean reefs and cold mountain hike and exquisite food.

It's one of the few countries that offers you the real traditional touch that will immediately throw you back in time, living the dream. It's packed with history and rich culture, traditional dance, songs, costumes and great monuments. One of many are the Teotihuacan's towering pyramids , the exquisitely decorated temples of the Maya, the Spanish colonial era towns, plazas and stone churches, where seems, the time has stopped.

Apart all the beauty that mother nature has gave to the country, Mexico was the first to introduce the world with the chilli and chocolate, so we can be thankful to this beautiful country. There is another thing that nowadays has become the national sport, bullfights,with whom Spanish introduced to Mexico. It takes place every year from November to April, being the largest bullring in the world.

There is one more thing left that will impress you even more, the cuisine, that dates back in 1517 when Spanish ruled the Mexico for over 300 years, leaving an important influence in Mexican culture and cuisine. Their meals mainly consisted of beans, tomatoes, peppers, corn and herbs, the royalty were drinking also the chocolate...Corn is the base of Mexican diet, it can be found almost in every dish, corn stew, pozole and tortilla, which is the flatbread. The most common meat they use are chicken and pork, with all kind of chillies added.

Los Mexicanos will be the real reason you will enjoy your Mexican experience, Mexican people might be shy but very friendly at the same time, loving colours and laughter. Fiestas and philosophical folk is a part of their daily life, their goal is empathy, they definitely know how to please their guest giving them the best host. To the question, where in the town you can get the best Mexican meal, their answer will be, at my mother's. Mexico is vibrant in anything, they put their soul in every single detail, it will guide you through their long and fascinating history and its endless creative verve.

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